About Slate Islands Seaweed

Changes to Slate Islands Seaweed

In 2019 Slate Islands Seaweed became a trading name of Caledonian Seaweeds (CalSea) as the focus shifted towards the cultivation of different seaweed species. The plan was to learn about farming and testing a process plan at a commercial scale to then help people in rural coastal communities to start farming. To do this we were going work with a research institute to make this happen, unfortunately at the last moment before a final agreement was signed, the research institute walked away. Then COVID happened at our plans to help set up a co-operative type approach to seaweed farming fell to the side. Just before COVID the plan was to go back to running foraging tours but the pandemic stopped this and the focus became consultancy. The interest in seaweed farming grew during 2020 and 2021 and CalSea (and  Slate Islands Seaweed) moved to a consultancy and survey role.

History of Slate Islands Seaweed

At the moment the we is just Duncan, a marine biologist (roguish in nature) who just loves the sea and loves eating what we know as seaweed and he calls tasty tasty seaveg. He has a degree in marine biology and zoology and a PhD in Zoology and has spent seven years living and working on and from the small inner Hebridean island of Easdale, situated in the Firth of Lorn in Argyll, west coast Scotland. He has spent time working on RIBs as a wildlife tour guide, as crew for marine industry, helping with mussel and oyster farms and as a seaweed culturist at Otter Ferry Seafish Ltd. Founded in 2015 after finishing working on a cultivation project, Slate Islands Seaweed started trading in March 2016 offering seashore foraging tours. Though the motivation is a passion for the sea and seaweed as a food stuff, the drive is to help create a new and sustainable industrial sector in this part of Argyll, to help provide another source of employment and working with local companies to, well, harvest and grow seaweed as well as helping people really explore the beautiful coast that the Firth of Lorn, Sound of Jura, Argyll and beyond.

Trigger for starting the business

I love working with seaweed and wanted to stay in the seaweed business, seemed strange that Firth of Lorn and Argyll seemed to lack anything with seaweed more than just the work being undertaken at SAMS near Oban. Hence the start up.

– Duncan Smallman, founder.

Where am I based?

Now based near Helensburgh in Argyll operate from there.

Contact us

You can get hold of us by the following:

email: kelpie@slateislandsseaweed.com
twitter: @seaweedonaslate
facebook: www.facebook.com/seaweedonaslate
mobile: 07736319200




Slate Islands Seaweed Ltd, is a company limited by guarantee, registered with Company House, no. SC519009. Registered trading address: 1B Easdale Island, Oban, Argyll, PA34 4TB.