Musings from the seashore


Slate Islands Seaweed has really only now put forward it’s first blades (thalli) of growth from the initial tetraspore that settled in November 2015 once I had returned to Easdale Island. With this website now live and having asked for a blog to share posts, I have struggled to think of what about seaweed to write, ever since my first blog post. In this post I am just going to share my observations from generally spending some of my time everyday on the rocky seashore. (more…)

Letting the spore settle: what is seaweed?

Seaweed has started to feature a fair bit in discussions about new super-foods, as diversifying our palate, as seasoning, as food for free or just bringing back something that was once a feature of many a coastal inhabitants diet. Let us face it, this is exactly what Slate Islands Seaweed is about, look it is in the name! Sea Veg would have possibly carried fewer connotations of something olive-brown covering the rocks and clinging to us as we go for a swim in the sea but even then this would not do justice to this incredibly diverse group of macro-algae. For what we group together as seaweed are far more diverse by nature than our common edible terrestrial plants.