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There have been a few changes happening at Slate Islands Seaweed. The main one is that Slate Islands Seaweed is now a trading name for Caledonian Seaweeds Ltd. There has not been some corporate take over or anything like that. Duncan has just been joined by some new folk who have a keen interest in […]

I was recently asked to provide some notes on the taste of different seaweeds as part of an article in the Caterer magazine. It is actually quite a challenge to¬†write down the taste profile of different species, as taste is really quite subjective. The following are my notes on the tastes of some different species […]

After spending time exploring the seashore with folk, sharing the wonders that can be found there and collecting some edible species of seaweed, I take people back to cook up a wee taster of three course meal (well a canapes/starter) and for the dessert I make a carrageen pudding. After having been asked often to […]

And suddenly the March equinox is upon us and past us, with daytime longer than night. This regular blog writing is tough work and at last I find time to pen some thoughts on the seasonality of the plethora of different colours that grace and brighten a walk, scramble, stumble and wade along our seashores. […]

It’s already 15 days into 2018 and well over a year has passed since I posted anything here. Inspired by a comment a friend made in my reply about a Nigel Slater recipe in the Guardian, I thought I would start my resolution to actually write more about seaplants & seaweed. What triggered this was […]

Seaweed has started to feature a fair bit in discussions about new super-foods, as diversifying our palate, as seasoning, as food for free or just bringing back something that was once a feature of many a coastal inhabitants diet. Let us face it, this is exactly what Slate Islands Seaweed is about, look it is […]